Thursday, September 06, 2007

Préparer à la France (Preparing for France)

I am packing my baret, gathering my art supplies and heading to the airport!
My annual sabbatical to France is almost here. I will leave in early October to contiune my studies in fine printmaking, attending Atelier Montmiral once again.
My artwork is changing and the etching process is the next key for me .Keep an eye out for new images and processes this winter.I am really excited about it!!
There will be also two weeks at my beloved cottage and studio in Roquecor, there I will continue to develope my body of work for my show in Spring of 2008.
Take a peek at the new work on my website,this is just the beginning.
Thanks for your support and interest in my artwork
Let me hear back from you on my new direction.
au revoir pour le moment


Anonymous said...

hello Marti
checked out your new work on your web site and I have to tell you I am very impressed with the new direction. the etching work has a good feel to it..I like it alot! cant wait to see your the artwork you will be creating from your second sabatical France 2007.

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