Tuesday, August 11, 2009

ma maison loin de maison (my home away from home)

As the time grows near when I will once again visit France and my sweet cottage
" Petite Romarin" in Roquecor, the butterflies build in my stomach with anticipation, and excitment , as if getting ready to meet my lover there.

I become nostalgic remembering passed times there and the influence this region of France has had on me and my art.
Ahh yes, the muse waits for me there !!

I am truly blessed, as my lover David has sent me here once again to study and paint.
How fortunate I am to have found this perfect little corner of the world.
Although this year will be a short stay, it will be a new adventure.
Each visit adds a new layer to the comfortable feeling of familiar land,
and sparks new directions in art.

This year I bring along my buddy of 30 years Serena, we have travel many places together and I know that she will also fall in love with this magical place. I can hardly wait to show her my favorite medieval towns, smell the fields of sunflowers, meet the friendly farmers at the market taste the fresh goat cheese and drink some of the best wines of France .

I get to experience it once more through the eyes of another.

It is most definitely "ma maison loin de maison" my home away from home.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you as time draws near but sad for me because I'm going to miss you terribly. Time to get to packin' i'll be there to help you gather your thngs for the journey. Love Brooke