Thursday, May 04, 2006

Nouveaux Développement (new developments)

Well all of the reservations are made and deposits sent, so things are moving as planned.
I practice my French everyday and study once a week with my French tutor Mme. Michele Klinge.
The language is finally melding with my brain, I do understand more and more but my conversation is rough.
Each step is an adventure, but I am leaving a lot to chance as I believe all will work as it should.
Planning for my art supplies is my next phase, as I am sure there are great art stores there. It will be exciting to see what is different there and how I will use it to express myself and this wonderful life experience.
The attached photo is of the converted barn next to my cottage that I will use as a painting studio was once owned by an artist who was friends with the niece of Virgina Wolf. I am sure the energy and spirit of these talented women will inspire me while I am in that space.

Check back next month for le chapitre suivant (the next chapter.)
à bientôt


Anonymous said...

Having never been to France, the word "France" makes me think of outdoor cafes, lots of people walking, art, cheese, 1930s nouveaux art, countrysides, french country decor, cakes, baggetts, that funny episode of Absolutly Fabulous where they got drunk in France... tourism and hotels... cobblestone streets , smell of fresh bread and wine puke... funny little waiters named Phillip who are light on their feet, always smoking and have fabulously bad teeth and odor of "O Naturale".

Jonh Neo said...

Great Work!!!
this is a good link you can refer Art Collection